God of Seasons God of Change  Words by Brenton Prigge © 2021 New Hymn CCLI #7175466

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© 2005 Brenton Prigge

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May be sung to: AMAZING GRACE         

O God of Sea, of Sky, of Earth
Come hear our broken cry
Creation’s cry for life, re-birth
Oh, heal us! Breathe new life!

O God of seasons,
 God of change
God in both drought and rain
come change our hearts to end this pain
renew the Earth again 

We’ve ravaged species, land and sea 
We’ve squandered all your gifts 
We have not lived in harmony
Oh change us! Lord, forgive!

We’ve broken lives and bio-zones
With broken hearts we cry
Come heal our broken, dying home
Forgive us! Breathe new life!

Creating God, Incarnate Lord!
You’ve shown us how to be

life-giving! Living, breathing life!
Amen! So let us be!

O God of Sky, of Sea, of Earth
Of seasons and of change
come change our hearts to bring re-birth
renew your Earth again.