Love will be our Hallelujah  Words by Brenton Prigge © 2017 New Hymn CCLI # 7089679

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© 2005 Brenton Prigge

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Tune: BATTLE HYMN by William Steffe

1. The glory of our Lord is not in vanquish or in sword
No, the victory that sets us free was never won in war
For the path of hate and violence always only leads to more
But Love would change us all


   Glory, glory, HallelujahLet our lives sing, Halleluja
Love will be our Hallejujah
God’s love will change the world

2.  See, the Power of our Saviour does not trample, has no need
No, the Might and Majesty would sooner die, would rather bleed
So that we might live and love, and learn the truth that sets us free:
That Love would change us all

3.  We have heard the call, we’ve heard the One who knows us each by name
It is not a call to arms, for he has shown another way
“You have seen how I have loved you, now then go and do the same”
For Love would change us all

4.  Let the Love of God be all that would transfigure you and me
Love transforms us and it moves us so we see things differently
May it change the way I am to you and how you are to me
Come, Love, come change us all

5.  Let us learn to see each other as the God of love beholds:
O, beloved Sons and Daughters let us share the love of God
There’s no glory in the hurting, but in holding, healing Love
Yes! Love will change us all

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